In the ’90s I had a Chicago-based ‘zine called Steve Albini Thinks We Suck (‘zines, ha, what is this, time travel?). Anyway, by far the most popular feature I ever did was this 1995 in-depth interview with Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi, the wonderful creators of The Adventures of Pete and Pete. I offer to you scans of those pages of SATWS. I realize they are not so pretty but maybe if you print them out they would be readable? Or if you enlarged the images up on your fancy computers? If anyone has advice on how I could upload them better or make them more usable, please email me at maureen.ryan (at) 

I still really love Pete & Pete VERY MUCH and one of the great joys of recent years was introducing the show to my son, who now loves it as much as I do. 

I hope you enjoy this, or if you do not, have some ideas for how I can improve these scans/pictures/my non-existent Tumblr skills. This is for everyone at #petesfest, or everyone who just loves all things Pete & Pete. 

Peace, love & Artie! 

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    i have the first two seasons of pete and pete on dvd (so bummed that the third season isn’t available). it’s amazing,...
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    This just made my heart so warm and nostalgic.
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